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Cantonese Community Feature: Hey Mommios!

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Today, we are featuring a fellow Cantonese mommy, Kaiyan, who runs her own Cantonese YouTube channel @HeyMommio and recently started a podcast "Us Mommios" as well. Last month, I was interviewed by Kaiyan, and we had a good laugh talking about Elimination Communication.

Let's get to know Kaiyan and her journey a bit more together.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself and Us Mommios

My name is Kaiyan Wong, born in Macau, grew up in Hong Kong, came to the States as a foreign exchange student when I was in 12th grade in a small town in Iowa. After receiving my degree in advertising, I moved to Los Angeles to job hunt. I started working in sales and moved from west coast to east coast and climbed my way up to HR manager. I quit my career to be a full time mom because I have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and I want to fully embrace and enjoy every moment with my son. Right around Giannis was around two, I realized I was really missing having my own career. So I started a youtube channel, Hey Mommio, to help kids live overseas to learn Cantonese.

2) Why did you start Us Mommios?

During the journey of teaching my own son Cantonese, I have met so many Cantonese parents who are creative, dedicated and knowledgeable in teaching their own or other kids Cantonese. These parents are involved in projects such as YouTube channel, podcast, Zoom class, blog, writing books, running a Chinese school...etc. I admire all of them and since I don't enjoy writing as much, I decided to start a podcast and interview them.

My goal is to:

1. connect/ network with them and share our struggles/tips in teaching our kids Cantonese in foreign countries

2. create an additional exposure for Cantonese parents everywhere to get to know these content creators, educators, entrepreneurs.

3. To encourage other stay-at-home mothers to reach for their own dreams of whatever it might be. And I have been enjoying this project a lot more than I anticipated.

3) What are your top tips for parents starting to teach Cantonese to their children?

As many baby apps suggest that we narrate everything we do to our babies, we can do that with Cantonese. Keep speaking to them in Cantonese, even when they reply in a different language. For parents who are not fluent in Cantonese, we can increase the exposure of Cantonese to our children, it can be cartoons, music, playgroup (in person or virtually). Our kids ARE going to pick up some pieces even when they seem they are not paying attention. Most importantly, Have FUN together!