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Hello ! I'm Michelle, a mommy of two young children living in NYC. I was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Seattle, Washington. I love reading, and that is how I keep on learning Chinese on my own while I was studying aboard at young age. I love learning languages, I learned Japanese in high school and learned Mandarin and Korean in my early 20's. I met my ABC husband while I was working in Hong Kong. We were speaking English to each other until our first child was born. We started speaking 100% Cantonese at home because we wanted our children to be able to communicate with their grandparents, as well as friends and family in Hong Kong.

Preserving Cantonese One Story at a Time

I started Cantonese Mommy when my son turned two. I recognized that books in Chinese were hard to find in the US; Cantonese-specific resources online were limited; many Cantonese-speaking parents want to teach their children Cantonese, but do not read Chinese. I started making videos in 2018 to help children read and learn more in Cantonese all over the world and to create a Cantonese community. I believe it's important to preserve our language because I want our children to be able to understand and appreciate Cantonese culture and art. 

A Note on Accreditation

I have been inspired by many bloggers, educators and parents online and I have tried to give credit where it is due. However, if I have unintentionally left it out, please do email us so that we can tag you and give you the appropriate accreditation for your thoughts and work.

Interesting Fact: I was a volunteer at 2008 Beijing Olympic. I was an assistant for Korea Equestrian team in Hong Kong. I felt privileged to use my talent of speaking Cantonese, English and Korean to show the athletes and his team around Hong Kong and assisting them during the Olympic competition.